Customer Community:

  • Customers share experiences
  • Provided access to their data
  • Find information about products
  • Sales reps can refer customers to the community
  • Give customers access to knowledge base

Partner Community:

  • Helps partners collaborate with employees
  • Manage opportunities
  • Gain access to leads
  • Register deals in the works (this can be useful to know)
  • Onboarding
  • Create quotes
  • Reports and dashboards

Employee Community

  • Employees can ask questions
  • Collaborate with sales reps
  • Access to knolwedge base and training materials
  • Accessed by mobile
  • Payroll, benefits information etc can be made available

Ideas Community

  • Post, vote for and comment on ideas
  • Allows outsiders to see innovation
  • Add or subtract 10 points if someone votes on idea
  • Groups of ideas called zones Sites

  • Display Salesforce data in a branded, public website

Considerations of Communities

  • Once enabled, can’t be disabled
  • Community builder vs workspace?
  • Contact records are assigned as community users by assigning them a license
  • Access communities through the global header or the app launcher
  • Create communities from templates

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