Five main options: standard reports, custom reports, reporting snapshots, app exchange dashboards and historical trend reporting.

Standard sales reports:

  • Active, neglected or new accounts/contacts
  • Opportunity reports
  • Lead reports (how long to respond, neglected leads etc)
  • Forecast reports
  • Campaign reports

Custom sales reports and dashboards

Reporting snapshots

  • Report on historical data
  • Saves to a custom object

AppExchange sales dashboards

  • Marketing executive dashboard
  • Sales executive dashboard
  • Sales manager dashboard
  • Salesperson dashboard

Historical trend reporting

  • Highlight changes between five snapshot dates
  • Day-to-day or week-to-week trends

Some common sales metrics:

  • Sales by lead source
  • Total closed opportunities
  • Revenue per sale
  • Percentage of leads converted
  • Win rate

Impact of Multi-Currency on Sales Analytics:

  • Amounts in reports can be shown in any active currency
  • The primary currency reflects either the default corporate currency or the record currency
  • The secondary currency reflects either the user’s default currency or the currency in the filter criteria
  • Dashboards just use the currency that the report uses
  • Converted column shows user’s currency by default but can be changed (how is this different to secondary currency?)

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