The Sales pipeline show all of a company’s open opportunities. Or in other words, which opportunities are “in the pipeline”. It gives a good indicator of the amount of revenue the company may receive in the not-too-distant future.

In Salesforce this can be represented by the “Opportunity Pipeline” standard report. It shows all the of the open opportunities are the various stages they’re at.

Forecasts give an estimate of how much revenue an organisation is set to earn, based on the current pipeline.

Opportunities are added to a forecast for a period based on the close date.

There are different forecast categories, which each opportunity stage can be mapped to. The forecast categories are:

  • Pipeline (all open opportunities)
  • Best case (all open opportunities likely to win)
  • Commit (all open opportunities very likely to win)
  • Closed (closed-won opportunities)
  • Ommitted (amount not included in forecast)

Expected revenue is calculated by multiplying opportunity amount by probability associated with the opportunity stage.

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