This feature allows organisations to organise their sales into different territories. This can help to allocate accounts evenly between reps or teams.

Can create different territory models and then activate the preferred one. Consists of a graphical hierarchy showing territory structure.

Enterprise territory management must be enabled.

Territory types organise territories according to certain characteristics. For example, ‘US East Coast’.

Territory hierarchy is the structure of different territories. Parent and child territories. List and tree view (like role hierarchy).

Territories are created based on territory types. A territory has a record detail page and can have parent or child records. Accounts, users and assignment rules can be assigned to a territory.

Territory models can be in three states:

  • Planning
  • Active
  • Archived

Sharing settings can be configured which allow users to access or modify records associated with sales territories.

Process of setting up territory management:

  1. Create territory types
  2. Create territory model record
  3. Create territories for the model (they will appear in hierarchy)
  4. Create territory account assignment rules or add territories manually
  5. Run assignment rules and related reports to preview accoutn assignments
  6. Set the model to active
  7. Assign users to territories

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