Salesforce can be used to build and store contracts with accounts and opportunities.

You can create a contract without it necessarily being signed. Activate a contract to indicate that the deal is done in Salesforce, or in other words that the opportunity is closed-won.

Contract history related list is used to track changes made to the contract during its lifecycle.

Approval processes can be used to track the contract.

Workflows can be used to remind users about renewals.


Orders need to be enabled in setup. Also should add related list.

Can enable negative quantity and/or reduction orders. Reduction orders has separate related list.

An order is created once an opportunity is closed-won. The order will be based on the products in the opportunity. The order product related list will inherit the products related list from the opportunities.

Can create orders manually from orders tab or related lists, and associate with an account and contract.

Orders can be cloned.

There is an orders related list on accounts and contracts.

Create a reduction order if a customer makes a return or something like that. Can use multiple reduction orders on an order but cannot use a single reduction order for multiple orders. Must specify the product being reduced.

Contracts are optional. If it is a simple transaction you may not want to use contracts with orders at all.

Order history related list tracks changes to an order.

Order products related list shows all products associated with an order. Each of these must have a pricebook selected. If a reduction order is made, the product reduced is called a reduction order product and is directly associated with the order product being reduced.


  • Price book of an order cannot be changed
  • Associated contract must be active before an order becomes active
  • Account field can only be changed if order is in draft status and order’s contract is associated with desired account

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