You can create custom sales processes. Having more than one active sales process begins with having additional record types.

Each record type needs a page layout assigned to it. This means you can have different page layouts for different record types/sales processes.

Record types can also be assigned to different profiles. This way you can allow or deny access to different record types/sales processes based on profile.

There are lead processes and opportunity processes.

Design different ‘paths’ based on the lead status or opportunity stage. You can add custom values to these picklists. The selected value on this field will determine at what stage in the path the record is in. You can specify guidance given at each stage.

You can customise what’s required at each stage of the process with validation rules. For example you can’t move it to the next stage without filling out the phone number field.

You can use workflow rules to automate certain processes during the sales path. For example you can automate a field update, send an email or assign an action.

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