You can use account and/or opportunity teams to collaborate on account or opportunity records that you own. This will open up either read-only or read/write access to the record to people in the team.

You can customise account team or opportunity team object with custom fields. Thus you can clearly define what the role of the person is.

Account teams:

  • Need to be enabled in setup
  • Once enabled, the related list can be added to account layouts
  • Team roles can be added, edited or deleted
  • Can have up to five people

Default account teams are setup on the user level, by the user. This is done in personal settings. Once this is set up you can simply click ‘add default account team’ on the account team related list.

Opportunity teams:

  • Need to enable team selling
  • Shares roles with account team
  • Have related list in opportunities
  • Can be mass reassigned in setup

Deafult opportunity teams are setup by the user in their personal settings. Likewise, they are added by clicking ‘add default opportunity team’ on the opportunity team related list.

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