Social accounts and contacts can be used to see what they have published lately on social media, gain insights. In classic you can access Twitter, Facebook, Klout and Youtube. In Lightning and Salesforce1 only Twitter. Salesforce accesses their profile in real time from a detail page, and doesn’t store anything – they aren’t notified.

This is set up by an administrator and then configured by users for their own individual use. So each user must sign in on their own accounts via Salesforce?

  • Org-wide defaults provide base level of access for records that a user does not own
  • Role hierarchy allows further access to roll-up to superiors. This must be set-up
  • Sharing rules and manual sharing open up additional access. This must be set-up

Org-wide defaults for opportunities, contacts, activities etc can be set to “controlled by parent“, which means it depends on the access the user has to the parent account. This could be useful.

Account sharing rules can open up access to accounts based on ownership or other criteria. They can also specify access to related records such as contracts, assets, contacts, opportunities and cases.

When there’s a change of account ownership, you have the option to also transfer ownership of many related records to the new owner. Likewise, when there’s a change in contact ownership, you can transfer ownership of open activities to a new owner.

Accounts and contacts can be related in various ways:

  • When you create a contact you can directly relate it to an account
  • You can relate a contact to multiple accounts via the related accounts list, it must have a primary account though. This feature must be set up.
  • You can add a contact via the account related lists page
  • Contact roles related list can be added to user interface, this shows the role the contact plays with the account

When importing accounts and contacts, accounts must be added first. Then, include the Account ID field when you upload the contacts.

Person accounts allow you to represent customers which are like individual people as accounts. They can have related records like accounts but do not support account hierarchies. They do support social and contacts to multiple accounts. Must be enabled.

Data Enrichment prospector. Search for company information from Dun and Bradstreet, or person information from crowdsourced data. Then you can add them to Salesforce as accounts and leads. clean. Clean records (individually or as a list) or schedule a clean to run automatically at certain times.

Data integration. Keep data in Salesforce org up to date by integrating with third party data services. Dun and Bradstreet, or others.  



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