Essentially with Sales Cloud consulting you are trying to drive more sales, and thereby profitability.

Business sets objective related to business strategy. Business challenges relate to achieving business objectives. KPIs measure the success of achieving business objectives. There are other metrics, related to KPIs.

Business Challenges

Lead management:

  • Low lead data quality
  • Low number of leads
  • Sales and marketing alignment

Opportunity management:

  • Achieving sales targets
  • Closing deals efficiently
  • Disjointed sales processes

Forecast, revenue and performance:

  • Accurate forecasting
  • Sales rep productivity
  • Time spent on administration
  • Adopting new technology

Key Performance Indicators

Lead management:

  • Lead response time
  • Lead conversion percentage
  • Rate of contact

Opportunity management:

  • Opportunity-to-win ratio
  • Sales per customer
  • Rate of follow-up

Forecast, revenue and performance

  • Sales per representative
  • Customer value
  • Sales growth
  • Sales target

Sales Metrics

Lead management:

  • Number of leads converted
  • Lead qualification score
  • Leads by source

Opportunity management:

  • Sales pipeline
  • Number of sales deals closed
  • Number of sales activities

Forecast, revenue and performance:

  • Percentage of quota achieved
  • Average revenue generated
  • Sales rep performance
  • Campaign ROI

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