This is the standard sales process:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Lead qualification
  3. Lead conversion
  4. Opportunity management
  5. Opportunity closure

Some sales methodologies include:

  • Target account selling
  • Value selling
  • Solution selling
  • SPIN selling
  • SNAP selling
  • Conceptual selling
  • Customer-centric selling
  • Challenger selling
  • MEDDIC selling
  • Sandler selling

There are lead processes, but we’ll discuss that separately. Once a lead has been converted into an opportunity, the opportunity can go through various stages. This is where Salesforce and sales processes come in.

Sales processes closely linked to opportunity stage, record types and page layouts. Part of Sales Cloud is the “path”, kanban view.

As a consultant, you can create a custom sales process to reflect their selling philosophy or methodology:

  1. Define opportunity stages
  2. Create sales path/process
  3. Page layout
  4. Record type
  5. Apply to user profiles

Typically there will be a different sales process for B2B and B2C deals.

Contact roles are used to indicate how contacts in the system are related to an opportunity. For example, if they are the shot-caller or anything like that.

Team selling allows multiple sales reps to work on opportunities.  This feature must be enabled. Opportunity team related list on opportunity object allows you to add team members and roles.

The opportunity object is related to many objects:

  • Opportunity products (products that are added to opportunities, refers to a price book)
  • Product schedules
  • Quantity schedules
  • Revenue schedules
  • Assets (specific products that have been purchaed by the customer, once opportunity closed)
  • Price books
  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Campaigns

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