Leads can be created:

  • Manually
  • Import
  • Web-to-lead
  • Other means in 3rd party apps

Lead assignment rules allow the owner of a lead to be automatically assigned by Salesforce. To a user or a queue.

Web-to-lead can be used to create leads after a potential lead submits a form on a website. Auto-response rules can be configured to send a quick reply to these.

The lead object can be customised. New fields and picklist values.

Lead conversion is where you think there’s a definite possibility of a sale; and a prospect is converted into a customer. Lead conversion into account/contact/opportunity is performed by clicking ‘convert’ on the lead detail page.

Lead scoring is a capability which tries to identify good quality leads in Salesforce by assigning a score to leads based on certain criteria. Lead scoring can get quite creative. You can record:

  • Lead activity score (level of engagement)
  • Lead qualification score (BANT criteria)
  • Lead data quality score

You can use these individual scores and more in individual fields, then use them all to create an overall score in a formula field. You can add images to represent the score such as 5 stars or a green light.

Data quality of leads is important. Use the following tools:

  • Validation rules
  • Duplicate management
  • Workflow rules (e.g. field updates, email manager if unassigned)
  • Required fields
  • Data merge
  • Data enrichment (data.com)
  • Dashboards to measure lead scores

Consider a lead data management plan, which is guidelines for managing leads so as to maintain good data quality.

Lead conversion considerations

  • A lead can be converted into an account, contact and opportunity record.
  • If the company field on a lead is blank it will create a person account on conversion
  • This process of converting requires fields to be mapped: standard fields are already mapped and custom fields can be mapped automatically. This is performed in the object management section under ‘map lead fields‘.
  • View converted leads with a report, or with the permission ‘view and edit converted leads
  • A lead with pending workflow or approval processes cannot be converted
  • Close date of opportunity is automatically assigned to last day of fiscal quarter or period (depends on fiscal year settings)
  • Campaign member leads are moved to the new contacts after lead conversion
  • All open activities are attached to account, contact or opportunity
  • Use ‘require validation for converted leads‘ to enforce validation settings, otherwise these won’t be enfored

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