I’ve looked at a few models of consulting engagement phases, and I can see they have a lot of commonalities. Here is a high-level process that makes sense to me:

  1. Plan
  2. Discover
  3. Analyse
  4. Design
  5. Build
  6. Validate
  7. Document
  8. Deploy
  9. Measure

Plan is where you kick-off and meet the clients you’ll be working with. You get an idea of what their means and expectations are. You create some sort of plan that gets signed off on.

Discover is where you investigate how things are now.

Analyse. You analyse what you discovered. These two steps are a bit like ‘requirements gathering’.

Design. Solution design then technical design.

Build. In this phase you actually build it. Something of a process in itself?

Validate. This is where you test what you built. If need be reiterate through the build and validate phase until the build is ‘validated’.

Document. To me, it makes sense to prepare documentation as you build and validate. Perhaps notes or dot points. However it also doesn’t make sense to worry about it too much until what it actually is is finalised. I think it’s best to have training material done before deployment.

Deploy. Move to production. This step is a process in itself.

Measure. You want to get an idea of how successful the project has been. This is a process in itself.


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