SOSL stands for Salesforce Object Search Language.

While SOQL can only search one object at a time, SOSL has the ability to search across multiple objects.

SOSL evaluates to a list.

Here is an example of SOSL in action:

// Program To Search the given string in all Object
// List to hold the returned results of sObject generic type
List<list<SObject>> invoiceSearchList = new List<List<SObject>>();

// SOSL query which will search for 'ABC' string in Customer Name field of Invoice Object
invoiceSearchList = [FIND 'ABC*' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING APEX_Invoice_c

If you wanted to search for ‘ABC’ across the Account object as well as the Invoice object, you’d do it like so:

invoiceAndSearchList = [FIND 'ABC*' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING APEX_Invoice__c
   (Id,APEX_Customer__r.Name), Account];

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