SOQL stands for Salesforce Object Query Langauge.

It is similar to SOSL except it can only search one object at a time. It does support nested queries though.

Something you can do is create a list and then simply populate it with a SOQL statement. Like so:

// fetching the Records via SOQL
List<apex_invoice__c> InvoiceList = new List<apex_invoice__c>();
InvoiceList = [SELECT Id, Name, APEX_Customer__r.Name, APEX_Status__c FROM
   APEX_Invoice__c WHERE createdDate = today AND APEX_Customer__r.Name != 'Test'];
// SOQL query for given criteria

// Printing the fetched records
System.debug('We have total '+InvoiceList.size()+' Records in List');

If you’re creating a record, sometime’s you’ll want to relate it to a parent record. SOQL can be used to do this:

// Now create the invoice record and relate it with the Customer object
// Before executing this, please create a Customer Records with Name 'Customer
// Creation Test'
APEX_Invoice__c objInvoice = new APEX_Invoice__c();

// Relating Invoice to customer via id field of Customer object
objInvoice.APEX_Customer__c = [SELECT id FROM APEX_Customer__c WHERE Name =
   'Customer Creation Test' LIMIT 1].id;
objInvoice.APEX_Status__c = 'Pending';
insert objInvoice;  //Creating Invoice
System.debug('Newly Created Invoice'+objInvoice);  //Newly created invoice

Here is an example of a nested SOQL query:

// Fetching Child Records using SOQL
List<apex_customer__c> ListCustomers = [SELECT Name, Id, 
   (SELECT id, Name FROM Invoices__r) FROM APEX_Customer__c WHERE Name = 'ABC Customer'];

// Query for fetching the Child records along with Parent
System.debug('ListCustomers '+ListCustomers); // Parent Record

List<apex_invoice__c> ListOfInvoices = ListCustomers[0].Invoices__r;
// By this notation, you could fetch the child records and save it in List
System.debug('ListOfInvoices values of Child '+ListOfInvoices);
// Child records

You’ll notice that this is how to list a list of child records along with a parent record.

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