I’m taking a break from full time employment to learn how to code and also obtain a few certifications. I was also hoping to get 200 badges on trailheads which is something I already achieved.

In order to be more effective I wrote down the goals that I wanted to achieve in this time. Here are the work-related ones:

  • Sales cloud consultant certificate
  • Platform developer certificate
  • Email specialist certificate
  • Social media specialist certificate
  • Marketing Cloud consultant certificate
  • Complete java course
  • Complete javascript course
  • Complete digital marketing course
  • Complete Chinese Skill App
  • Obtain HSK3 Certificate

I have had these goals posted on the wall in front of my desk for a day or two now. It has seemed a little bit overwhelming but I think I’m starting to see how it can be broken up into manageable goals. In essence, some of these goals directly feed into achieving others, and that provides the order for me to try and achieve them.

Considering I’ve already done the legwork for Sales Cloud certificate studying, there are three broad categories of these goals:

  • Coding
  • Marketing
  • Chinese language

I think achieving Platform developer certification is an appropriate capstone for learning Java, JavaScript and Apex. So here is the progression of my coding goals:

  1. Java and JavaScript courses (65 hours of online lectures, total coursework estimated to take as much as 180 hours)
  2. Beginner and Intermediate Developer Trails on Trailheads (estimated to take up to 40 hours)
  3. Finish reading and annotating Apex tutorial (estimated to take 5 hours)
  4. Focus on Force Platform Developer study guide (10 hours)
  5. Practice exams (7.5 hours)
  6. Platform developer certification

Total time: 245 hours

Marketing goals:

  1. Study for email specialist exam (10 hours)
  2. Study for social specialist exam (10 hours)
  3. Sales cloud consultant practice exams (10 hours)
  4. Marketing cloud consultant study (20 hours)
  5. Digital marketing course (20 hours)

 Total time: 70 hours

Chinese language goals:

  1. Complete ChineseSkill lanaguge app
  2. Sit and pass HSK3 exam

Total time: 100 hours?

It seems like the rhythm will be something like this: I’ll chip away at the coding courses, paricularly Java, and in the meantime study/sit for the marketer certifications and Chinese language stuff. Then once I’m freed up I can focus more intensively on coding and I should be pretty good by then anyway. If I’m honest it looks like this will take about 3 months.


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