Test utility classes contain methods that can be called by test methods to perform useful tasks, such as setting up test data. Test utility classes are excluded from the org’s code size limit.

The following is an example of a test utility class. It takes two parameters: one for the number of accounts to create and one for the number of opportunities per account. It then returns these records for the purposes of testing. Notice that it predominately uses for loops and lists to achieve this.

public class TestDataFactory {
public static List createAccountsWithOpps(Integer numAccts, Integer numOppsPerAcct) {
List accts = new List();

for(Integer i=0;i<numAccts;i++) {
Account a = new Account(Name='TestAccount' + i);
insert accts;

List opps = new List();
for (Integer j=0;j<numAccts;j++) {
Account acct = accts[j];
// For each account just inserted, add opportunities
for (Integer k=0;k<numOppsPerAcct;k++) {
opps.add(new Opportunity(Name=acct.Name + ' Opportunity ' + k,
// Insert all opportunities for all accounts.
insert opps;

return accts;

Here we have a test which calls this test utility class:

private class TestAccountDeletion {
@isTest static void TestDeleteAccountWithOneOpportunity() {
// Test data setup
// Create one account with one opportunity by calling a utility method
Account[] accts = TestDataFactory.createAccountsWithOpps(1,1);

// Perform test
Database.DeleteResult result = Database.delete(accts[0], false);
// Verify that the deletion should have been stopped by the trigger,
// so check that we got back an error.
System.assert(result.getErrors().size() > 0);
System.assertEquals('Cannot delete account with related opportunities.',
Apex Testing Module Completed



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