Today I finally reached a goal that I’ve been wanting to achieve for well over a year by getting my 200th Trailhead badge. The first 100 badges took a lot of time and energy but there were many easy/quick/beginner badges. In the next 200 badges, there are not so many quick or easy ones so it takes maybe twice as long. A lot of them are intermediate and require more time and focus.

Of the badges remaining, I’d say at least half are programming-related and 90% of them will take more than an hour. I’m looking forward to this because it’s a great opportunity to get some Salesforce-specific development experience now that I have a grounding in Java and JavaScript. I’m also looking forward to getting some super-badges because they represent business use-cases.

Now that I have achieved this I don’t feel much different but I certainly feel like I’m beginning to understand Salesforce on a deeper as well as broader level.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.43.51 pm

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