Case automation tools include:

  • Queues. Automatically prioritises support team’s workload
  • Assignment rules. Automatically assign cases to support agents. Can be based on criteria
  • Auto-response rules. Automatically send personalised email responses
  • Escalation rules. Automatically escalate cases to the right people after a certain time
  • Macros. Automatically complete repetitive tasks on cases


Case Queues 

Setup -> Queues -> New Queue

Select cases as the supported object

Add users as members to the queue

This creates a new related list of cases called “Platinum Support”. How at this stage cases get added to the queue I’m not sure. Or is it all cases get added?


Assignment Rules

Setup -> Case Assignment Rules -> New

Create an assignment rule

Open the assignment rule and add new rule entries

Select rule criteria as well as the user or queue to assign it to


Auto-Response Rules

Setup -> Case Auto-Response Rules -> New

Add rule entry


Escalation Rules 

Setup -> Escalation Rules -> New

Add rules entry

For this challenge, I successfully created a queue, an assignment rule, and an escalation rule.

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