As part of a project for learning Apex, I set up some custom objects and fields in a developer edition.

  • Two objects (Customer and Invoice)
  • Approximately ten custom fields of several types including text, currency, checkbox, and picklist
  • Set a text field as being an external ID field
  • Set up a master-detail relationship where the customer is the master and invoice is the detail
  • Changed record name to an auto-number field
  • Edited field level security (made all custom fields visible, not read-only)
  • All custom fields were made accessible to all profiles

Something I’m unclear about is the distinction between field level security and field accessibility. It seems like both of them pertain to a list of profiles. Field level security uses the columns visible and read-only, whereas accessibility uses the column editable. To me, it seems like these are the same. I wonder what I’m missing here.


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