The most common formula errors are syntax errors. Check syntax by simply pressing the button labelled Check Syntax.

Missing or extra parentheses

This is a common mistake when nesting logical statements such as IF(), AND() and OR(). This one is missing a “)”.

This one has an extra ‘)’.

Field does not exist

The best way to avoid this is to simple use the Insert Operator or Insert Field tool. This ensures that they’re not mispelled and that they are available.

Incorrect number of parameters

This is particularly common in functions which take a variable number of parameters. Such as CASE().

Unknown function

This might occur if you misspell a function. Use Insert Function to avoid this error.

Different data types

Compile size and formula length errors 

Formulas are limited to 3,900 characters or 4,000 bytes. This includes spaces, return characters and comments. And they can’t exceed 5,000 bytes when compiled.

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