For example, you can check a box if certain criteria is true.


  • Takes 2 or more arguments
  • Statement only evaluates to true if all of them evaluate to true

Another way to write AND statements is with the && operator. The above formula could be rewritten as: DONotCall && HasOptedOutOfEmail.


  • Takes 2 or more arguments
  • Evaluates to true if one or more of the arguments are true
OR(BEGINS(Title, "Chief"), CONTAINS(Title, "President"))
  • Here BEGINS and CONTAINS are used. They are text functions which evaluate to true if the string BEGINS or CONTAINS with the given string


  • Changes anything that’s true to false
  • Changes anything that’s false to true
ISBLANK(FirstName) ||
ISBLANK(LastName) ||
ISBLANK(Phone) ||
ISBLANK(Email) ||
  • Here, if any of the given fields are blank then that would evaluate to true. It is within a NOT statement though, so if any of them are blank it would evaluate to false
  • This is used for validation?
!(ISBLANK(FirstName) ||
ISBLANK(LastName) ||
ISBLANK(Phone) ||
ISBLANK(Email) ||
  • Alternatively ! can be used as above


  • Takes 3 arguments
  • IF(test, result, alternate)
  • If the test evaluates to true then do the result
  • If the test results to false then do the alternate
IF(Mystery_Produce = "Fruit", Mystery_Produce_Color = "Red", false)

AND( ) is always evaluates before OR( )

NOT(IsClosed) && (CloseDate < TODAY())

Here is the formula I did as part of a validation rule for the challenge. It will fire if the record is not closed and the close date is earlier than today. I guess if the whole thing evaluates to true then the validation rule will fire, as opposed to firing if the whole thing is false.

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