Today I went to the office of a client to do some consulting. This is the first time I’ve done it alone, my hirer is on vacation. I was expecting it to be a one on one but when I arrived they all got into the meeting room. I may have been more nervous if I had time to be. I thought it would be too difficult for me to operate the computer and teach them at the same time so I had the administrator-in-training do the actual clicking. They seemed happy with this. I truly believe that the more active someone is in the process the more they learn.

I showed them how to use the import wizard. They asked a lot of questions that I wasn’t expecting. I tried to oblige. At some point, I felt that they were missing the point so I decided to just go through the process so they’d see what the end game was.

We needed to update the spreadsheet quite a bit. I took them through what the formatting needed to be like, that the field value had to be identical to the record name, that master-detail column was required. They came up with the idea to do a test run with a few records and I agreed. So I left him to update the table according to the notes. Then I guided them through the process, trying to narrate what was useful, highlight the import steps such as matching and mapping. To my elation, all the fields imported without error. I began to feel a bit lighter and more humorous. I felt that then was a time for niceties before I left. Overall I think they learned as well as could be expected and it went smoothly.

At home, I updated their profile so they would be able to use the import wizard on custom objects.

I also added a picklist field that we decided they needed. Indicating what quarter and financial year it was.

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