Marketing and Leads – 7% 

  • Explain how marketing capabilities support the sales process
  • Given a scenario, recommend appropriate methods for lead scoring and criteria for lead qualification
  • Explain the best practices for managing lead data quality


Marketing capabilities in the sales process

Marketing/leads is the front end of the sales life cycle. Attract, attain, retain.

Marketing-related standard objects are campaigns, contacts and especially leads. Opportunities also available on Marketing cloud.

An important part of leads is knowing how to map the lead fields upon conversion. And also the Lead status field.

Record types are associated with different lead processes which have different lead statuses?

Reorder lead status field values in object manager / fields.

Lead scoring and lead qualification

Define a lead score algorithm, so that a lead is assigned a score. Then you can only assign certain leads of a certain quality to a certain sales rep based on the score. This can be assigned automatically.

Lead score not a standard field. It is available in Pardot and many third party marketing apps though.

Lead score can be a manual process or there can be automations. Workflow rules to occur when it reaches a certain score. Caa be number, colour etc.

Einstein is the future of the platform. Enable Einstein lead scoring in Enterprise and Unlimited additions.

Managing lead data quality

Can use validation rules to enforce lead data quality. Require certain fields to move to next status etc.

AND (IsConverted, NOT (TEXT( PRIORVALUE(Status) ) – “Qualified”) )

^ Leads must be qualified before they are converted.


Trailhead: Sales Cloud Einstein, Target the Best Leads

Einstein Lead Scoring analyses your company’s history of lead conversion to find out which ones are most likely to convert. Assigns a lead score. FInd the patterns that have been hiding in your data all along.

Has top 5 predictive factors, which relate to lead fields.

Einstein component on lead detail page.

Includes a dashboard with reports that show lead conversion rates by lead score and average lead score by lead source Distribution of lead scores among your converted and lost leads.


Implement lead validation rules to ensure better data quality in leads.

Leads can be converted into Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.

Both Leads and Contacts may be added to Campaigns in Salesforce.





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