Began Sales Cloud Consultant Udemy course by Mike Wheeler.

Free developer accounts come with 2 licenses.

In order to register for Sales Cloud Consultant exam, you must first be actively certified as an Administrator.

Industry Knowledge – 5%

  1. Explain the factors that influence sales metrics, KPIs, and business challenges.
  2. Explain common sales processes and key considerations.

Sales Metrics:

  • Consulting role is a liaison between technical staff in own company and clients. How to solve the problems they’re facing
  • Problems – how to drive more sales
  • What metrics matter the most? This knowledge will serve you well in a consulting role
  • Analytics and metrics conveyed in Salesforce through dashboards and reports
  • Leaderboards can be very motivating
  • Profitability and revenue
  • Some companies look for maximising volume of sales rather than revenue, with a low margin
  • Frequency of contact with leads or contacts
  • Effective activity management, follow up calls, meetings etc
  • Close rates, conversion rates. What percentage do they end up closing the deal on?
  • Some are effective at getting many leads but not closing very etc. Hence the leaderboard with different conversion rates and close rates
  • Effectively upselling

KPIs and Business Challenges:

  • In this section of exam you need to be able to overcome common business challenges and define various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Need to understand KPIs, be familiar with acronyms etc before exam
  • Sales Application via app launcher
  • C suite executives are interested in things like KPIs – they want to boil down performance to numbers so they can see how things move over time, put systems in place to improve performance
  • Lead response time (quicker is best e.g. in first 5 minutes). In leads tab there is an activities tab which has new task, log a call, new event and email.
  • Rate of contact. Reps should be generating 32 opportunities per 1000 outbound calls
  • Rate of follow-up contact
  • Clicks from sales follow up emails
  • Social media usage
  • Usage rate of marketing collateral
  • Opportunity-to-win ratio
  • “What is the problem we’re trying to solve?” – great question for a consultant. You also need to be able to answer these questions
  • How can Salesforce help to improve these KPIs, solve problems
  • As a sales consultant, you are being paid to improve sales results
  • One common problem with companies as they grow is responding to things quickly, this is something that Salesforce can help with (that’s why they have been so successful). How can they help though?
  • As a consultant, it’s important to have good communication skills

Common Sales Processes and Key Considerations:

  • The main processes are Lead processes and Sales processes
  • “Create and maintain multiple lead processes for your organization to use. Lead processes use the lead status field to identify a lead within the lead lifecycle.”
  • “Use this page to create and maintain the Sales Processes used within your organization. A Sales Process contains the Stages an Opportunity follows through its sales cycle.”
  • Lead goes through stages to be converted to Opportunity which goes through stages to ultimately be closed
  • *Built lead processes and sales processes
  • There are also support and approval processes, approval is on admin/app builder and support is more on service cloud consultant certificate

Practise Activity – Industry Knowledge Trailhead Units

  • This involved doing some Trailhead modules, however, I had already done these in the past

Industry Knowledge Quiz:

  • KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organisations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets
  • Lead process determines what the status of a lead is in the lead lifecycle
  • Sales process determines which stages appear on opportunities
  • Lead response time, rate of contact and clicks from emails are all KPIs which can be tracked in Salesforce

Personal Response:

This took about 2 hours. The video was quite fast so I slowed it down to .75 for most of the time and took notes, which I believe more than doubled how much value I got from this.

It has got me thinking about sales and consulting. Considering I mostly work with non-profits this is a bit of a change of pace I feel there is something very appealing about trying to optimise things like KPIs using knowledge about a system.

It was good to do a few practice exercises and familiarise myself with the activities available on leads and some of the various processes. I would like to have seen this used with paths as well but I will trust the teacher on this.

In retrospect he did explain some specifics about actual industries of logistics, retail and direct sales; however, I somewhat glossed over these specifics. I now wonder if these were important since the section is called Industry Knowledge. Is it industry of Sales Consulting? Sales? I would say it’s understanding the Sales industry. I learned that the Sales Cloud Consultants role is helping companies to optimise their sales metrics by solving problems and improving KPIs with the use of Salesforce. This is fundamentally what Salesforce was designed for.

It really hit home when he clicked on the Sales app. It made me realise that so much of this functionality resides in there. It makes it a lot less hairy than I am used to because I am used to working across many clouds. However, I feel that this Sales Cloud will have a lot of unique functionality which can’t be intuited from working with custom objects. So in a sense one must become an expert in the Sales Cloud itself, not Salesforce in general. Seems obvious now that I say it.

Overall I’m feeling excited about this – it seems like a dynamic world but Salesforce is something that I am confident with so I can be a part of it confidently in that capacity.


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