Today I worked entirely from home. Corresponding with my boss/hirer by text.

I cross-checked and updated some page layouts. It involved a lot of custom fields on standard objects.

Added about 8 new tabs.

Renamed the address fields to be appropriate to Australia. For example, changed zip code to postcode and state code to state. This wasn’t able to be done in object manager as I expected, so I had to Google it. It was able to be done in setup -> rename tabs and labels.

Made about 10 cross-object formulas.

Across two custom objects on each of three different Orgs, I created an image formula. Specifically, this means based on a picklist value a different image would show up in a formula field. This also included downloading Graphics Pack from the App Exchange on each Org. Not an easy process to begin with but I did it about 6 times today so I feel pretty confident in my ability to do it at maximum efficiency.

Tonight I will attempt my first App Builder practice exam.

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