Today I created a process which updates a picklist field to “drafting” if any of three fields are updated.

If this picklist is moved to “Submitted” then an approval process may take place, by clicking Submit for Approval button. This approval process requests the approval of three different staff members, who are communications specialists. If all three approve then the picklist is set to “Approved”. At this point, the website is updated.

Updated my profile picture for a new instance that I’m working with.

Added new fields to the Account object and then added them to the Contact object as formula fields.

Removed several fields which were included from NPSP. I discovered that you can save time by simply dragging the whole section into the palette, which will remove all the fields from the page layout at once.

Created a new sandbox which will be used specifically for creating and uploading packages.

Imported data from a spreadsheet using import wizard. It didn’t work at first because there were two different objects in there and it was causing a lot of duplicates. So I removed a few columns and made it so was just one object, with no duplicates. This succeeded in importing the parent records.

Next, I tried to add the child records form the spreadsheet. This failed initially because the date was in the wrong format. I changed it to the format DD/MM/YY. To my surprise, this worked. At first, it seemed like none of the child records had been related to parent records (i.e. the lookup fields were blank) but after a while, I checked again and they all were related. So it just took some time to process.

I’m very happy that I didn’t have to add hundreds of records manually and I have built some confidence in Import Wizard.

Promoted a picklist to global picklist status. Then used this to create a picklist on a different object.

Went to a Meeting with some clients. I thought it was interesting to see the thought processes of people who aren’t adept with Salesforce. If you’re trying to make them understand something, it’s probably good for them to form their own thoughts about things rather than listening passively, even if their thoughts are wrong. I tried a strategy for building confidence during the meeting: behave how you would if you were as confident as you would like. This has the two-fold benefit of making you feel better and also behaving as you would like.

We showed them how to format a spreadsheet so that it can be imported into Salesforce. My main suggestion was to have it in two different spreadsheets: one for Accounts and one for Contacts. I also suggested removing a few columns and standardizing the date fields. We talked about how campuses etc ought to be represented in the database. I made a suggestion that Campuses could be like a child object of Accounts.

Studied Salesforce1 and App Deployment for the App Builder exam. These are the final sections of the course that I’m taking. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I will do a practice exam and hopefully identify weak areas. The real exam is in about 8 days and I have 5 practice exams so I should be able to get quite a lot of good study done in that time. It will feel great to have another certificate. I’ve been mulling over the idea of scheduling another certificate about a month afterwards and doing another course – this way the thinking styles and knowledge from App Builder exam will still be fresh in mind, improving my chances of success.

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