Today I deleted full copy sandbox. This was in order to allow other sandboxes to be refreshed. It worked as intended, although it seems strange to me that should occur because the full copy sandbox was licensed, so why should its existence limit the refresh functionality of other sandboxes at all?

Logged a case because community could not be accessed via sandbox.

Revised a conga solution. Redid the template for name tags and added a parameter so it works in background mode. This took about a dozen iterations to get the formatting just right. The trick was to add the merge fields in a single cell, constrain the size of the cell and add the table start/end code directly above and below the table.

Consulted with Conga about migrating to Australian servers. Scheduled a GoToMeeting for next Monday.

Received response from Salesforce to case¬†concerning inability to access community from sandbox. They said it was beyond what they were meant to help with given our subscription status, saying it was a developer issue. I think this may be because I said that a developer couldn’t access the sandbox, so I may try this again and use different wording.

I studied for app builder exam. My resource was a course that I purchased on Focus on Force. The section I’m up to is ‘business logic and process automation’. This accounts for 27% of questions – more than any other topic. Features that I studied include:

  • Record types
  • Formula fields
  • Roll-up summary fields
  • Validation rules
  • Approval processes
  • Workflows
  • Visual workflows
  • Lightning process builder
  • Field updates

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